Update Select Series

You can choose to download/update all series in the active sheet of your spreadsheet at the same time or specify specific series to update.  To select only specific series to update choose the following from the Google Sheets menu:

Add-ons>>Federal Reserve Economic Data>>Update Select Series

The above will open a dialog box similar to the following:

Update Select Series screen

Series available for updating are included in the top section.  Select the check box next to the series you want to update.  You may optionally change the sort, manipulation, frequency aggregation, or frequency aggregation method for all series selected by clicking the Modify download options button. 

Update Select Series options screen

Once the series are selected and the options (if any) set, click update.

Please note the program may not know is a series id is valid until the program attempts to retrieve the data from the FRED website.  A valid id is alphanumeric and 25 characters or less in length. The download will not complete if the program encounters an invalid series id.