Popular Data Series

There are three ways to find a data series and its id:
  1. Search the Federal Reserve FRED website.
  2. Use the program's Find a Series feature in the menu.
  3. Use the program's Popular Data Series feature in the menu.
To use the program's Popular Data Series feature, select the following from the menu:

Add-ons>>Federal Reserve Economic Data>>Popular Data Series

The above will open the following dialog box:

Popular Data Series

You can choose from Popular U.S. Series, Popular International Data, or Popular Data Releases.  Clicking one of the sub items will display several series within that group that can be added to the spreadsheet. The example below shows the display when "National Income and Expenditures" is clicked:

Popular Data Series Example

In the above example, two series were selected.  Once a series is clicked it will immediately be added to the first line of the spreadsheet, and a message appears at the bottom - highlighted in yellow - confirming the addition.  The item selected changes color so you can track which series have been added to the spreadsheet. 

By default, the program will automatically download the latest series data into the spreadsheet.  An example of the output to the spreadsheet is shown as follows:

Popular Data Series Example 2

If you want to review your selections in the spreadsheet before downloading the data, you can disable automatic downloading by unchecking the box at the bottom of the selection screen.  You can download the results later by selecting "Download Data" or "Update Select Series" from the menu.  The results, if downloading is disabled, are shown below:

Popular Data Series Example 3