Build Multi-Series Graph

Once series data has been downloaded you may build graphs based on that data.  You can build a graph for one series or multiple series.  To build a graph with multiple series, select the program's Build Multi-Series Graph feature from the menu:

Add-ons>>Federal Reserve Economic Data>>Build Multi-Series Graph

The above will open a dialog box similar to the following:

Multi-Series Graph - Series Options

Select two or three series from the drop-down menu.  Click the Secondary Axis boxes if needed.  Then Click the Build Graph button.

A graph with the selected series will embed in the spreadsheet like the one below:

Multi-Graph Output

The above chart could use some added descriptive elements.  The Build Multi-Series Graph feature has two additional tabs for this purpose.  The first tab, labeled Series Options, is shown in the first image.  There are also tabs labeled Graph Options and Legend Options. Click the Graph Options tab to display a set of options like the one below:

Multi Graph - Graph Options

Type in a title for your graph in the text box provided.  You may also select a Y-Axis Title from its drop-down box, or type one in its text box.  If the graph has a secondary axis, complete the right axis options as needed.

Click the Legend Options tab to set labels for the legends.

Multi-Graph - Legend Options

Type series titles in the text boxes provided.  Once all the options have been set, click the Build Graph button.

The following is a graph produced from the options set above.

Multi-Graph - Example Graph with Options