Download All Series

You can download series data simply by entering the series id anywhere on the first row and select Download All Series from the menu as follows:

Add-ons>>Federal Reserve Economic Data>>Download All Series

If you use the program's Find a Series or Popular Data Series option from the menu to locate a series id, the series id will be entered into the spreadsheet automatically once the search item is found and selected by the user.  Data will automatically download once the search item is added to the spreadsheet.   

You may download one series or multiple series at once.  Download All Series will download all valid series ids on the active Google spreadsheet sheet for both existing series and new series.   Please note the program may not know is a series id is valid until the program attempts to retrieve the data from the Federal reserve website.  A valid id is alphanumeric and up to 25 characters length. The download will not complete if the program encounters an invalid series id.

If just the series id is entered on the spreadsheet, the download will include default settings for that particular series.  The following optional parameters may be set before or after the download to meet the needs of the user. The following are the defaults:
The data downloaded uses the following layout:

Col Row Item Details More Info
1 1 series id place cursor over cell for notes
1 2 manipulation lin = levels as reported by source
1 3 frequency - short D, W, BW, M, Q, SA, A or NA
1 4 start date earliest date data available
1 5 title/link
1 6 source reporting entity
1 7 column label date
1 8+ dates
2 1 sort order ascending (asc) or descending (desc)
2 2 number type percentage, dollar, etc
2 3 frequency - long
2 4 end date most recent date data reported
2 5 blank cell
2 6 frequency - aggregation if aggregated, method used: average (avg), sum, or end of period (eop)
2 7 column label value
2 8+ values

See a screen capture from a sample spreadsheet.