Date Range

The date range appears on row 4 under the frequency code and three cells under the series id in columns 1 and 2 for that particular data series.

By default, the date range includes all historical time series data stored on the Federal Reserve website for that series.

However, you can specify the series' starting date to be downloaded.  The first column in the series shows the start date (the earliest date) and the second column shows the end date (the most recent date). Change the date in the first (start) column to narrow the results.

The easiest way to change the start date is to first download a series' default data then replace the date in the cell in the first column on row 4 with a later date then update the data by selecting the following from the Google Sheets menu:

Add-ons>>Federal Reserve Economic Data>>Download All Series


Add-ons>>Federal Reserve Economic Data>>Update Select Series

You can also enter the desired start date directly in the spreadsheet before you download the data.  The start date cannot be earlier than the earliest date stored on the Fed's website.