Frequency Aggregation Method

The frequency aggregation code appears on row 6 directly above the value label in column 2 for that particular data series. Please note this option is not available with the Microsoft Excel add-in. If the code in that cell is na then the series is not aggregated.

By default data is downloaded on an average basis.  For example, weekly data aggregated on a monthly basis will be presented as the average weekly amount for the month. However you may choose to aggregate the data on a sum or end of period basis.
  • Average (avg)
  • Sum (sum)
  • End of Period (eop)
The easiest way to specify an aggregation method is to first download a series' default data then replace "na" in the cell on row 6 with the desired aggregation code (i.e., eop) then update the data by selecting the following from the Google Sheets menu:

Add-ons>>Federal Reserve Economic Data>>Download All Series

You can also enter the desired frequency aggregation code directly in the spreadsheet before you download the data.

Update Select Series

Another way to change the frequency aggregation method is to use the Update Select Series feature.

Add-ons>>Federal Reserve Economic Data>>Update Select Series

When you first open the Update Select Series screen, click the box next to the series you want to update. Clicking the Modify download options button at the bottom will take you to the options screen.

Update Select Series screen

Choose the desired frequency aggregation method from the drop down list as shown below.  All series selected will update with the code selected.  

Frequency Aggregation Method