Federal Reserve Economic Data for Google Sheets Help

Federal Reserve Economic Data for Google Sheets Add-on allows the user to download economic data directly from the Federal Reserve website, just like its Microsoft© Excel© Add-in counterpart that is offered free on the Federal Reserve website.

Data is downloaded in a two column format with dates in the first column and values in the second.  Click the links below for program information.

Layout - Learn what data is included in the download and how it appears in the spreadsheet.
Customize Download - Parameters available to control what data is downloaded:
  • Series ID - To download economic data directly into a Google Sheet, you need to know its series id.
  • Manipulation - download data as reported or manipulate its output in certain predefined ways.
  • Frequency - Daily, weekly, etc. 
  • Start Date
  • Sort - ascending or descending by date
  • Frequency Aggregation - Aggregate data to something less frequent than its default.
Download Data - Download the data for all series on the spreadsheet at once.
Update Select Series - Download/update data for only series you specify.
Find a Series - Search for available series on the Federal Reserve website.
Popular Data Series - Quickly find the id for the most popular series.
Build a Graph- Build a graph for an individual series.
Build Multi-Series Graph - Build a graph that includes up to three series.